1 Hour Discovery Flight


Begin your Flight Training with a Discovery Flight at Cooking Lake Aviation, Experience the Sensation of Flight Today!

Applicants of the iATPL program who have been accepted will be credited $400 towards their registration fee if they purchased a discovery flight after Feb 15, 2024.


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Begin your Flight Training with a Discovery Flight at Cooking Lake Aviation! Experience the Sensation of Flight Today!

A Discovery Flight is designed to allow those who are interested in flying to experience flight from the left seat of an airplane. You will take control of the aircraft and go through some of the basic in flight maneuvers while being accompanied by an instructor.

Head west and experience a flight over the city of Edmonton, or fly out east and experience the Alberta prairies with a eagles view of the farm fields & various lakes!

Every pilot, from recreational & private pilots to career commercial pilots begin their flying with a Discovery Flight.

If you have already determined that flight training is what you’d like to pursue, our Flight Instructors will incorporate aspects of lesson 1 into the flight! The hours from the Discovery Flight will then go directly into your logbook!



  • Takeoff & Landing
  • Aircraft Familiarization
  • Climbing and Descending
  • Attitudes of Flight
  • Pitch, Roll & Yaw
  • How to Communicate With Other Aircraft & Air Traffic Controllers

Sessions are one hour in length.

Note: Discovery flights can accommodate up to three passengers at one time.

Only A Short Drive East of Edmonton, A Discovery Flight With Cooking Lake Aviation Will Excite You With Spectacular Views of the Edmonton Area!

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